How To Manage Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best phase in a woman’s life and the exciting part is your baby is growing within you! But it gets tough on your back. Though it’s not surprising yet it deserves critical care and attention as your body is not only going through havoc changes but you also need to appreciate them and take them in your stride. There are multiple things right from medical care to therapies one can do to get relief from back pain.

Pregnancy and back pain both goes hand in hand. Gradually you gain weight, the physical center of gravity alters, and hormonal changes starts to relax your ligaments and the pelvic joints. Below are some detailed information as to how can you manage the back pain during pregnancy.

1. Maintain good posture

The center of gravity starts shifting forward as your baby starting growing. So naturally your body tends to bend forward and to resist that you lean backward. Due to this the muscles gets strained and it affects the lower back contributing to pain and discomfort. So you need to keep these things in mind.

● Always stand straight and tall.

● Chest should be hold high.

● Keep your back and shoulders relaxed.

● Never lock your knees.

If you need to stand, always use a decent wide posture for the comfortable support. If you require to stand for prolonged periods of time, without fail take a low step stool to rest your foot. Take rest on your one foot on a low step stool — and take time for periodic breaks. Whenever you want to sit, take a chair which is big enough for you to sit comfortably with a good back support. If needed, place a pillow at the back to give that extra support and ease.

2. Get the right Kit

Avoid high heeled shoes as they shift your body balance forward and cause the spine to strain more. Try to wear low-heeled shoes which gives you comfortable support and you can enjoy your walk.

Maternity support belts are a good choice for many as it gives that extra support to the back and the lower back area. It is quite effective during the pregnancy phase but surely under the supervision of some osteopath.

3. Lift properly

While lifting even a small object, always squat down and lift with the support of your legs. Neither bend at the waist nor lift with your back. Most importantly know your limits. Never take things casually as while doing they might seem normal but the after effects could be serious.

4. Sleep on your side

Try to sleep on your side. Not only a head pillow but also a pillow to support your growing bump is equally important. Your bump should never hang sideways or else it will stretch your spine forward causing severe back pain. Therefore, always support your tummy with a pillow. These days you even get pregnancy pillows.

5. Practice physical activity daily

Exercising regularly would keep your bones and ligaments strong and would thereby relieve you from back pain. Given the severity of winters in Melbourne, where aches and pains tend to increase, you would do well to visit your osteopath every now and then. Additionally, you may want to try out light activities, such as walking or even water exercises. A physiotherapist could also give you some guidance for various stretches and exercises, which may bring about some relief. Some common measures that is often recommended is doing some stretches for your lower back. For instance, put your hands on your knees aligning your head with your back. Pull in the stomach and round your back; hold that position for a couple of seconds, and then get back to your normal position. Repeat this exercise for ten times and you’d feel relieved.

6. Include complementary therapies

Acupuncture could be extremely helpful; so too Chiropractic treatment; both tend to provide a lot of relief to pregnant women. However, before finalizing on any of these, it is advisable to consult your physician. Additionally, a word of caution: make sure you convey to the Acupuncture or Chiropractic therapist that you’re pregnant; otherwise, you may face other problems.

7. Try heat, cold or massage

Massage has always been a sore reliever since ages, therefore proper massage and application of hot and cold compress have been found to be beneficial in back pain. But always keep one thing in mind that whatever step or technique you apply to get solace from back pain, it should be under your medical practitioner.

8. Maintain a routine check up

If the back pain is severe and you have not gotten relief from it then without wasting further time consult your health care provider immediately. He or she might recommend you some better medications or might bring some changes in your treatments.

Back pain which persists during pregnancy might be an indication that you can expect a preterm labor or there is some sort of infection in your urinary tract. If that is the case rush to your medical expert. So now you know that it’s not only that you are a soon to be a mom, but its altogether a rebirth for you wherein your entire physic goes through a whole new transformation. During this period various symptoms are quite evident and the most relevant is back pain. No need to get panic, relax and follow the information shared above. Cheers! Welcome to Motherhood…

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